Generating the Documentation

The documentation you are currently reading is written in DocBook. In order to generate formatted versions from the provided XML files, you will need a tool chain. Such tool chains are currently, to the best of our knowledge, only available on Unix platforms. If you live in Windows™-land, you can install Cygwin. The tools we use are probably not feature-complete, as we occasionally find it difficult to obtain the desired result. If you know about any real good open source of free tools for producing HTML and PDF output from DocBook, please let us know. We would really want to be able to use MathML.

In addition to Docbook, you also need a set of other tools installed. Latex, dvi2bitmap, fig2dev, xsltproc, dblatex, and also the dbtexmath set of script.

You need to add dbtexmath to your path (in bash: export PATH=$PATH:path_to_dbtexmath). You also need to add the flags --with-chunck.xsl to the configure script. To build the documentation type:

      % ./configure --with-chunk-xsl=path_to_chunk
      % cd doc
      % make html
      % make pdf

There is a source-level documentation as well, which can be generated using doxygen. First, make sure you are in the root of the MesoRD distribution, which contains the Doxyfile file. Then run:

      % doxygen