System Requirements

The software requirements for installing MesoRD are detailed in Chapter 2, Installation . MesoRD runs on several different operating systems. We have tested Linux/x86, Linux/x64, Mac OS X Snow Leopard™, Mac OS X Leopard™, Windows XP™, Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™. Our main platforms for development include Linux/x64, Mac OS X 10.6™, and Windows 7™.

Reaction-diffusion simulation in 3D is computationally demanding and MesoRD can therefore be a resource hog as far as CPU time, disk space and memory is concerned.

[2] One should also be aware that the visualisation done by MesoRD may not be the actual simulation result.

[3] MesoRD has a much too generous memory usage, i.e. it is not at all minimal. This issues will be addressed in forthcoming versions of MesoRD.